Thematic Group (TG) Technology, Design and Innovation

This TG of the international association for human development and capability (HDCA) provides a forum for the discussion of human development related issues around technology, innovation and design. Membership is free of charge (see box with links).

Rafael Ziegler was a co-organizer of the group from 2014-2019 and remains the contact person for GETIDOS.

Introductory Literature on the Capabilities Approach, (Social) Innovation, Technology and Design

Technologie: Marco J. Haenssgen and Proochista Ariana. 2018. The Place of technology in the Capability Approach, Oxford Development Studies, 46:1, 98-112. Link

Soziale Innovation: Rafael Ziegler. 2018. Social Innovation and the Capabilities Approach. In Atlas of Social Innovation, Jürgen Howaldt, Christoph Kaletka, Antonious Schröder and Marthe Zirngiebl (Eds) SfS TU Dortmund: Dortmund. Link

Design: Ilse Oosterlaken. 2009. Design for Development: A Capability approach. Design Issues 25, 91-102. Link


Marc Steen, a co-ordinator of the groups, has developed an ethics-canvas. The goal is to anticipate ethical and social implications of innovations and to this end develop a collaborative, responsible approach. More here