Special Issues and Conference Proceedings


Special Issue "Social Entrepreneurship", Ökologisches Wirtschaften 2/2009, special issue edited by Jana Gebauer, Franziska Mohaupt and Rafael Ziegler

English translation of a special issue first publishe in German. With contributions by researchers and practioners (in the order of appearance):  Kate Ganly and Johanna Mair; Ursula Sladek; Sophie Fabricius; Rafael Ziegler, Jana Gebauer, Franziska Mohaupt, Marianne Henkel, Lena Partzsch andJustus Lodemann; Carolin Gebel, Claudia Neusüß und Wolfgang Stark; James Austin and Ezequiel Reficco; John Elkington and Pamela Hartigan. Read  the special issue.

“Social innovation and the capability approach.” Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 18 (2), special issue edited by Chiappero-Martinetti, Enrica, Christopher Houghton Budd, und Rafael Ziegler. 2017.

This special issues of the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities includes both a series of research articles as well as a policy forum all develoted to social innovation in a context of human development and capabilities. The introduction of the special issue with a brief summary of contributions is available free of charge from here