Within the research project Clearance we organize stakeholder workshops together with the  Grünen Liga e.V.

Big Jump Challenge

For the Big Jump Challenge 2015 we work together with:

Good Planet Belgium, European Environemental Bureau, SOS Loire Vivante, Grüne Liga, People and Water, Klub Gaia, WWF Österreich, Creative Development Centre, Youth and Environment Europe, Novo Badeste, Green Osijek, Hnuti Brontosaurus, FEE Latvia, Legaambiente, Gelderse Natuur en Milieufederatie, Valcea Scouts, Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Vilniaus licejus,  SERI Deutschland e.V., Zwischenbericht & Goethe Institut Moskau and many further partners.

For the Big Jump Challenge 2012 and 2013 in Germany we cooperate with:

betterplace lab, European Rivers Network, Viva con Agua, Grüne Liga, Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Zwischenbericht and numerous further partners across Germany.

Junior Resarch Group BMBF

In the context of the BMBF-Research-Group GETIDOS, we work together with:

Ashoka-Innovators for the public is the first and largest organization to support social entrepreneurs. Since 1980 Ashoka has funded women and men in more than 70 countries who are solving societal problems with innovative means. GETIDOS cooperates with Ashoka on the change studies and via the joint organization of a conference.

People and Water (Lùdia a voda ) is an organization with a mission to provide services to urban and rural communities, mostly within the Carpathian Euroregion. The goals are to solve the economic, social, cultural and environmental problems on a grassroots level by encouraging citizens to be proactive through development, renewal and promotion of the traditional culture and diversity of the region. Ashoka-fellow Michal Kravcik founded People and Water in 1993 in Kosice, Slovakia. Kravcik, PhD, is establishing “a new water paradigm” that emphasizes the core role of water for the climate and the adaption to climate change. Michal Kravcik and People and Water have been selected for one of the GETIDOS change studies.

Viva con Agua de St. Pauli is an internationally active organization based in Hamburg, Germany. The main goals are to improve access to clean drinking water in developing countries, to improve nature conservation, especially water protection, and to raise awareness of water as a global issue concerning everybody. With their website, the organization provides a social platform where everybody can work together for water. GETIDOS and Viva con Agua cooperate on educational opportunities, such as the Big Jump Challenge.  is an internet platform founded by the non-profit foundation betterplace (now gAG). The platform facilitates donation in two senses: people can easily put their own project on to receive funding or they can choose a project to which they want to donate. The betterplace foundation guarantees that 100 % of all private donations will be directly passed on to the projects. GETIDOS and cooperate on creating the portal  "Wasserwissen" (water knowledge), which provides information to social entrepreneurs in the water sector, as well as the Big Jump Challenge.

The European Rivers Network (ERN) is a non-profit NGO promoting information and collaboration across Europe for organisations and individuals working in the field of river protection. Roberto A. Epple founded the ERN in 1994 as a project of SOS Loire Vivante. The ERN seeks to promote the wise management of living rivers and water in opposition to the exploitation, pollution and degradation that has occurred in the past. The ERN organizes European-wide “Big Jumps” – an event to gain people's support in the big European restoration effort for rivers and wetlands. Roberto Epple and ERN have been selected for one of the GETIDOS change studies.

Ecotact started the initative IKOtoilet – thinking beyond a toilet – a project that provides clean drinking water and sanitation in urban areas in East Africa, especially Nairobi. Ashoka-fellow David Kuria founded IKOtoilet in 2008.  Kuria was awarded African Social Entrepreneur of the year in 2009 and became a member of the “hall of fame” of the World Toilet Organization (WTO). David Kuria and Ecotact have been selected for one of the GETIDOS change studies.