Social Innovation and Its Dissemination: Social Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship (SESAM)

A Project of the Mercator Research Community "Innovatives Soziales Handeln - Social Entrepreneurship"

SESAM is part of the national research network “Innovative Social Action – Social Entrepreneurship”, and is funded by Stiftung Mercator. The research project aims at identifying success factors of new and target group specific marketing strategies for innovative social action. These marketing strategies initiate both problem awareness and willingness to engage. The project analyses how social entrepreneurs not only encourage people to donate monetarily but also to actively contribute to social change. The project focuses on new communication strategies like social media and events while analysing environmental and developmental cooperation initiatives. As social entrepreneurship, social investment and social marketing have their origin in North America and are still influenced by its culture, the project also aims to analyse and discuss differences and similarities between social marketing approaches in Germany and North America in order to learn more about their success, impact and replicability.The results of the research were presented to an audience of science and practice during the final conference of the researchers grouping at the 28th/29th of June 2012 in Friedrichshafen.



Project Publications

Judith, Madill; Ziegler, Rafael (2012): Marketing Social Missions - Adopting Social Marketing for Social Entrepreneurship? A Conceptual Analysis and Case Study. In: International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. DOI: 10.1002/nvsm.1434

Henkel, Marianne; Dietsche, Christian (2013): Zwischen Facebook und Festival - Instrumente des Social Marketing und ihre Wirkung. In: Jansen, Stephan; Heinze, Rolf; Beckmann, Markus (Hrsg.): Sozialunternehmen in Deutschland. Analysen, Trends und Handlungsempfehlungen, Wiesbaden, S. 219-252.


This project has been funded by Stiftung Mercator in Duisburg.